Trio of Exhibitions at Solas


Trio of Exhibitions at Solas

Solas Gallery presents ‘Floral Tributes’, an exhibition by Mary Wilson, accompanied by two emerging artists; Lesley Mills exhibiting ‘Beyond the Door’ & Julie Smith showcasing ‘Whispered Words’.


Mary’s work are individual snap shots of things she has observed and sketched, taken photographs or even on occasions a bringing together components taken from many scenes along with a little artistic licence culminating in a fantasy. Since the first tentative steps in the world of art she has never cease to be amazed at the degree to which ones powers of observation of minute details are heightened. The subtle colour and texture differences brought about by the changing seasons and light levels, all this and much more is observed and noted mentally, at times without realising, this becomes a priceless factor in the creation of a picture. Mary has stated that if any of her work goes some way towards bringing you as much pleasure as its creation has brought her, she will be very happy and fulfilled.


Lesley Mills, a painter, states that her inspiration comes from the beauty that surrounds us everywhere in Ireland and one which she would never take for granted. An intriguing quaintness radiates from her scenic workings.


Julie Smith, a photographer, portrays through her life-long love for the medium a series of photos that is her view of one aspect of the human connection with plant life- trees to paper to written word- the written word so often inspired by nature and trees.


The exhibitions were officially opened by artist/writer Andrea Connolly of Drumglen Studios & Write Space Cavan on Friday 30th Sept 2016 at 7.30pm. Exhibition continued till 22nd October.