Therese Tierney Artist’s Statement

I'm exploring subject matter that I'm interested in, I was drawn to a derelict building facing my home, at this time my ideas for subject matter for my paintings were fragmented, but I had the urge to continue. I began exploring derelict buildings in the area where I lived, the derelict buildings had remnants of what came before. Inside the buildings amongst other things, were abandoned church pews, TVs, lamp shades and presses. There was peeling paint on the walls showing different colors evidence of years gone by, imprints of cable wire and things that once hung on the walls were present, it was apparent that these building held evidence of religion or family life. At the same time I asked some people from Roscommon if they would spread the word that I was looking for some local volunteers to sit for me to take some sketches, that I would later develop into paintings. The response was very positive, people were only too willing to take part in the process.

I met with them individually, some of their faces were familiar from seeing them around the town, the only information I had on them were their names, during the sketching process there was a very calm atmosphere, something extraordinary happened, they started talking to me about the things they loved or feared, their memories, their religious values or their cultures.


We are linked to our past, by our experiences and memories, they play an important role in our daily lives, bad experience can invoke feelings of stress or depression, good experience can invoke feelings of wellbeing. what also exists within us, is consciousness. when we are in a state of consciousness we have full knowledge of ourselves.

I'm still exploring subject matter, and hope that my paintings transcends my concept and that people can relate to them in some way.

Therese Tierney