Mara Painter (Delzimar Doherty)

“To paint is a very special moment for me.

Each piece is unique.

Before starting to paint, I like to set the mood, making sure that I have quiet surroundings and a peaceful environment with instrumental background music.

I believe that, if I have my mind correct and my soul relaxed, my painting will absorb it.

Painting is a time of creation. Everything needs to be in harmony because when you see a work of art, you can see the soul of the artist.”

 Delzimar Doherty describes her painting as an extension of nature. It shows in her paintings through the use of bright colours and almost shows realism in them.

She tries to represent the personality and spirit of the person or the animal in her portraits and plays with the character of her subjects in an attempt to make us experience the same feeling that she felt when capturing that special moment through the camera before eternalising it in her painting.

Delzimar loves to represent nature on her canvas, using bright colours to highlight the details and expressions of her subjects.

In the past year, she has fallen in love with farm animals and has been exploring their characters, attempting to show that they can be fun too.

She likes to paint still life and special animals that capture her attention. Maybe, she can see the animals’ soul through their eyes.