Miriam Fitzgerald Juskova



Gabrielle flynn


30TH Aug TO 21st SEPT

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Miriam Fitzgerald Juskova ‘Perspective’

Gabrielle Flynn ‘Disengagement’

Press Release

Solas Art Gallery proudly presents two Solo Exhibitions by Artists Gabrielle Flynn and Miriam Fitzgerald Juskova.

Friday 30th August at 7:30pm

Gabrielle Flynn. Disengagement.

Gabrielle takes a shot across our bows in this poignant statement on how we have come inured to images of separation and the plight of dislocation. Her work delves deeply into the psychological trauma suffered by children and young adults facing separation from their parents. She relates the additional trauma known as Resignation Syndrome, a fear of having to return home that causes sufferers to enter a catatonic state. Gabrielle asserts that there is an important distinction between the original digital prints and the final oil paintings; one that requires the viewer to divest an emotional response that would otherwise be overlooked in the media.


Miriam Fitzgerald Juskova. Perspective.

Miriam uses a technique known as Paper On Edge, based on an old traditional technique of paper quilling, and combines this with her passion for mathematics and geometry to create a unique visual art language. She approaches the process with a mixture of curiosity and precision, sometimes working intuitively sometimes following a pre-determined format. In her work the relationship of balance, harmony and symmetry are results of using patterns of numbers, mathematical order and symmetry. The visual appeal is the perspective created by the relationship between polygons and how we look at them.

In a way therein is the connection between these two different Artists and their work; sometimes we need to change our perspective in order to truly observe.

As the great man once said “Everything in some way connects to everything else” – Leonardo da Vinci.

The exhibitions will be opened by Niamh O’Connor, Artist and Visual social anthropologist. www.niamhoconnorart.com


Exhibition Opening Fri 30th August 2019 at 7.30 pm and running until 21st Sept.

Includes Culture Night Friday the 20th Sept

Opening Night Friday the 30th August 2019 at Solas Art Gallery