Spirit of Nature

Nature is the Source of Life, It is where we go to relax, let go, and re-Source ourselves. I have the immense chance to live in Co. Leitrim, close to forests, mountains and the Ocean.

I enjoy my "photo walks" as I call them, in a wood, near a lake or on a beach, and sometimes just behind the house without any precise subject in mind. The importance is to BE in a meditative state with an open heart and mind, feeling, looking, connecting with my surrounding in a meditative state, to let inspiration come to me. Some ‘things’ are easy to see with the naked eye (the face in a rock or in a tree). Other Shapes, Faces & Forms, Spirits Beings will appear and show themselves only in this slice of time made by the act of making a photograph.

I wish that for the viewer, this series of photographs is all about observation, immersing oneself in the image to take a journey of discovery, to become a child again with no boundaries from the intellect, allowing the soul to breath in the shapes and colours.

The invisible World reveals itself from another dimension.

Is it magic? Is it Quantum physics? Or both.

Salvador Dali once said: "Enlarging the Real reveals the Surreal."


Didier started photography in Paris in the 80's, taking portraits for students at the Actor' Studio, which led to work for the cinema, theatre and music scene (rock, jazz, flamenco), Didier worked with the Mime Artist Marcel Marceau on his show: le Manteau, for a year.

In 1998 he moved to Ireland where he joined the Mullingar camera club and became Licentiate of the Irish Photographic Federation. His work includes reportages for festivals as well as family events and fine art.

Since living in Co. Leitrim his personal work is on Nature and photography for local events. Didier participates in collective and solo exhibitions, runs Nature Photo-Walks and workshops.