Celia Richard “Skies and Shrines” 


CELIA Richard is French and has been living in and around Shercock, Co Cavan since 1998. As well as exhibiting around Ireland, France and the UK, she teaches art, craft and yoga in the community and in healthcare settings. Largely self-taught, she studied Sciences of the environment and worked for a while in river conservation in Provence.

In 2010 she took part in an international art project concerned with boundaries and observation with Cavan Arts Office, spearheaded by Canadian artist S.G. Borda that showed in Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Bluewall Gallery and at the Cavan Fleadh.

She took part in a life painting showcase project with Mick O’Dea RHA and regularly exhibits in Solas Gallery, Ballinamore Co Leitrim. She consistently explores the art of emotional hygiene with a view to sharing her discoveries through exhibitions and workshops.

As Celia tinkers and re-frames under-appreciated things of purpose cheek to jowl with old rubbish, worships objects of reverence, discarded bits of paper, clouds (or any other permutation), context becomes all important. Pitching sacred against mundane and delighting in absurdity, Celia nudges us to question why we keep, why we discard – what we really value. Like many who have experienced trauma, decision-making is a problem: she’s definitely unsure and is feverishly rummaging for answers in her sometimes disturbing accumulation of stuff, all the time looking heavenwards for solace.

“Skies and Shrines” was opened by artist curator Joe Keenan of the Townhall Cavan Arts Space at 7.30pm on Fri 2nd September. Apart from being a popular iconic activist for contemporary arts, Joe can also give a good talk, and combined with the art, an event not to miss.