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brendan dean

‘Plunging into the depths’

7th - 29th JUNE


Brendan Dean  2019   Artist’s Statement

 My work though autobiographic, explores human themes we all can relate to.

Issues of control, freedom, Fear, courage and fragility visually appear in the work  and through abstraction via form and colour are conveyed emotionally to the viewer.

This I feel bridges the gap where ultimately we all have similar concerns or hopes and therefore can relate through the same emotional lens.  I do this by drawing in 2 and 3 dimensions with a variety of mediums.

I practice a creative process where I seek to step out of my own way and allow my subconscious freedom to voice whatever it will. I find this an interesting tug of war between the concerns of my conscious awareness and something or someone who expresses at a much deeper or higher level.  Almost like I am allowing myself to be the instrument that is used to channel something which I perhaps often fail to understand with my limited awareness.

Due to my  daily practice of meditation over the past year I find that my work has distilled to focus on  what I would refer to as , 'Saying less and being more' or in other words perhaps.......more Human being & less Human Doing.   

Brendan Dean  May 2019

 Press Release

Brendan Dean at Solas Art Gallery.  Friday 7th June at 7:30pm

Solas Art Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of recent work by the Leitrim Artist Brendan Dean.

Brendan completed his studies at Sligo Institute of Technology, Sligo, Ireland with a B.A.(Hons) Fine Art in 2011. He has since gone on to have numerous solo and group shows, and has his work in many collections both private and public.

Brendan expresses himself emotionally through his work, conveying ideas of control, freedom, fear, courage and fragility. He does this by drawing in 2 and 3 dimensions with a variety of mediums to invite the viewer to relate to these feelings.

Brendan sees his work as being autobiographical and yet understands the commonality of emotion that we all go through. He hopes to bridge the gap between the artist and viewer by understanding the concerns of his fellow man. This is expressed by the channelling of subconscious inspiration or the Muse as it is commonly known. When an artist reaches into the inner realm of consciousness in order to be led by inspiration rather than being in charge, as it were, an inner peace prevails.

As Brendan Dean puts it; “Saying less and being more or in other words, perhaps, more Human being and less Human doing.”

Exhibition ‘Plunging into the Depths’  Brendan Dean opens Friday 7th of June at 7.30pm and showing until 29th of June.

The exhibition will be opened by Brendan Dean himself so come along to hear the Artist express his true humanity on the night.

Opening night Friday 7th june