Anna Hryniewicz & Elaine Butler


Solas Galleryproudly presents two new solo exhibitions from two distinct artists Photographer Elaine Butler from Dublin and Painter Anna Hryniewicz from Wroclaw.

In Elaine Butler’s award winning photography she makes the statement that a connection to our environment can provide exactly the opposite: a distraction or dissonance from our direct experience. Perception being a wholly subjective affair with reality, what we take from our experiences is entirely our own. While the seascapes and landscapes she photographs are literal representations of reality, she strives to portray an emotive connection to the environment as she perceives it in that location.

With Anna Hryniewicz’s “Elements” the artist explores surface in search of colour, line, gesture and motion. She has an open, dynamic practice, which doesn’t have a formula; it’s all about experimenting and looking for interesting solutions. Her colour-fields evolve through a messy, intuitive process of collecting marks, traces and over painted surfaces. Painting is like stepping into the “unknown” to discover something new, that she cannot plan beforehand. Deliberate and incidental mark making is an integral part of her practice. She seems to constantly change something on the surface of canvas in search of evocative, emotional image. Each piece builds up its own history.

Two different perspectives, two different artists but one common thread; exploring perception, this show promises to be a visual treat.

Opened at 7.30pm by Tracy Murray (treasurer of Solas Gallery, event coordinator & director of the Free Fringe Festival).