Amna Kiran & Cathy Reynolds


On Fri 8th April 2016 two interestingly contrasting exhibitions opened at the Solas gallery in Ballinamore. “Exteriors” from Cathy Reynolds and “Self Reflections”, (my heart- my fellow traveller) by Amna Kiran. Coming from different countries and cultures the works by these two artists contrast in style and content but show together very well.

Cathy Reynolds, based in co. Leitrim is showing a selection of her latest work from 2009 to the present. Her work with the natural environment is a visual interpretation of her feelings for a place. Recently she has been combining collage within her paintings, mainly utilising fragments of found wallpaper. This plays with the idea of taking the outside and bringing it inside. Cathy’s work, mainly landscape and trees, have a magical, even a mystical quality to them. Many would remind you of a theatre set, backlit with a “glow” of different colours, giving a different focal point each time one looks at them.

Amna Kiran is originally from Lahore, Pakistan and has now been based in Cavan for many years. Her exhibition is the artist’s story of personal growth in transition; culture; places and faces representing the eye opening experience of getting to know this world better. Amna works in oil and watercolour, her work mainly figurative and architectural in nature. Her delicate watercolours contrast favourably with her oils, many echoing her cultural heritage with a western style but maintaining her individual style of expression.
The two exhibitions were launched on Fri. 8th April at 7.30pm, by Andrea Connolly, author and artist of the Drumglen Studios and Write Space in Cavan. The exhibitions ended on Sat 30th April.

Opening Night