This rule book is compiled by Ballinamore Community Arts Group to guide all member artists in the display and promotion of their art and help to enhance their professional development (March 2015).



Ballinamore Community Arts Group is the official name of the Association which leads all artistic activities within Solas Art Gallery, Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim



1. To cooperate with Leitrim County Council in the provision of a space (currently Solas Art Gallery, hereafter referred to as “The Gallery”) for display and promotion of the arts in Ballinamore

2. To promote a greater awareness/interest in and appreciation of the arts within the local and wider community. Also making art more accessible to the local and wider community.

3. To promote the work of all our members and facilitating opportunities for their professional development.

4. To establish Ballinamore as a centre for the arts at a regional and national level.



1. Members are expected to volunteer to help out with at least two exhibitions per year.

2. Membership is open to all artists aged 16 and over.

3. Any member who has not paid their membership fee for the year by the due date shall cease to be a member from that date.

4. Membership fees are due on April 1st annually.

5. General membership may be purchased at any time during the year but must be renewed by April 1st the following year.

6. Artistic membership (those wishing to participate in an exhibition) must be in place for a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the exhibition.

7. Members applying for an exhibition must be members at the time of application. They must also be members in the year of exhibition.

8. The executive committee will set the membership fee annually.

9. Any member who fails to act in the best interests of Ballinamore Community Arts Group, its members or Solas Art Gallery will have their membership reviewed by the executive committee. The committee reserve the right to terminate membership of any member who is deemed to have acted in a manner that adversely affects the Group.

10. Any paid up member of the group is entitled to submit work for selected and unselected exhibitions.

11. Any paid up member is entitled to submit an application for a solo exhibition the following year.

12. Artists having a solo exhibition in the current year will not be invited to apply for a solo exhibition next year. Artsits exhibiting as part of a group of emerging artists may apply for a solo exhibition in the following year.

13. Unsold work must be collected within 3 working days of the end of the exhibition, or by arrangement with the gallery.

14. Solas gallery will not be responsible for work left beyond this period.

15. Any work not collected after a three month period will be donated to charity.

16. All work in group exhibitions must be for sale.



1. The annual general meeting will be held each year on a date to be decided in February

2. Any change or addition to the existing rules at AGM must be adopted with a 2/3 majority.

3. Any suggestions for a new rule or rule change must be submitted to the secretary in writing 14 days before the AGM.

4. All paid up members will be notified by mail of the agenda, time and location of the AGM by the Secretary

5. Business at the AGM will generally include but not be restricted to the following:

5.1 Chairman’s Address

5.2 Adopt Secretary’s report

5.3 Adopt Treasurer’s report

5.4 Election of Officers

5.5 Confirm and collect annual membership fee

5.6 Reception of new members.

5.7 Appoint committee for projects e.g. annual exhibition.

5.8 To institute rule changes



1. Committee to consist of: 1) Chairperson 2) Assistant Chairperson 3) Treasurer. 4)Two Joint Treasurers. 5) Secretary. 6) Assistant Secretary. 7) Public Relations Officer. 8) Assistant Public Relations Officer & 9) Two Artist Representatives.

2. Committee members to meet during the year when deemed necessary to make decisions or amend/add rules for the group

3. Committee members should attend each regular meeting. Any committee member who misses four consecutive meetings without just cause will be considered to have resigned their position.

4. Committee meetings must have at least five of the committee members present to constitute a quorum.

5. Decisions by committee will be made by simple majority unless the quorum is five members where decisions must be made by 4 out of 5.

6. A committee member may be unanimously requested to resign their position if behavior evolves that serves not to be in the best interests of the gallery.

7. The executive committee will decide on the calendar of exhibitions/events. Expectation is to have a minimum of 2 group exhibitions per year.




Will conduct the business of general meetings.

Keep good order at the meetings.

Ensure Secretary’s minutes are adopted and signed with proposer and seconder recorded at meetings

Ensure Treasurer’s reports are adopted at meetings.

Will ensure voting protocol as outlined in rules (Committee Meeting Procedures.2)

Will sum up business of meeting and call on secretary to outline tasks before next meeting.

Close meetings


Assistant Chairperson

Will perform the chairperson’s duties in their absence



Will prepare the agenda and circulate at meeting.

Read out minutes of the last meeting

Ensure acting Chairperson signs previous minutes

Record the meeting’s proceedings as minutes for the next meeting which will include

proposer and seconder of previous minutes & apologies for absence.

Will record a list of tasks to be undertaken before next meeting.

Have previously signed minutes at all meetings

Maintain and update Rule Book

Keep updated list of members – to include:

Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email address

Conduct and receive communications for the group.

Prepare annual report.


Assistant Secretary

Will assist the secretary with secretary’s duties as outlined above



Will have responsibility for financial matters

Will record income.

Will record expenses

Will prepare Treasurer’s Report for AGM

Copies to be made available to all members at the AGM

Collect membership fee from the group members and notify secretary of names.

Any incidental expenditure over €50 to be ratified by the committee


Two Assistant Treasurers

All transactions must be signed by 1 out of 2 assistant treasurers along with treasurer.



Will liaise with exhibiting artists in a timely manner to offer guidance & support.

Will send a timetable of events to upcoming exhibitors, outlining the artists’ duties and commitments. Guidlines regarding time deadlines, quantity of images, file size and naming will be provided by the PRO.

If possible will photograph exhibition openings & artwork and promote the exhibition through established communication networks with local & national newspapers & social media.


Assistant PRO

Will assist the PRO in all public relations activities as outlined above.


Artists Representative

Will be a point of contact between the executive committee and the general membership.

Will bring feedback, queries and requests from the general membership to the committee.

Will contact the membership on behalf of the committee to forward information, request help or convey any other information as deemed appropriate by the executive committee.



Time and location to be decided at previous meeting and notification will be given by EMAIL or TEXT.

1. Apologies for Absence (recorded by Secretary)

2. Minutes of last meeting – read by Secretary. These should be proposed, seconded and adopted by a majority of the committee and signed by acting Chairperson.

3. Agenda prepared by the Secretary and led through by the Chairperson. Matters requiring a vote will be dealt with.

(Decisions cannot be made at meetings without a quorum of five of committee) (Rules 22 & 23)

4. Any other business which was not on the agenda

5. Date and location of next meeting announced.

6. Treasurer’s time if required.

7. At the end of the meeting, the decisions made and the actions agreed should be highlighted by the chairman.

8. Meeting closed.



Where the committee (or majority) are of the opinion that something is of such importance which requires immediate action, a special meeting will be called. This will require members to be contacted – by phone if necessary and will be the responsibility of the committee.




1. Application forms with guideline criteria will be made available within a minimum of 6 weeks before group exhibition openings.

2. Formal guidelines for each exhibition will include information required for submission and collection of works.

3. An anonymous selection committee of four will select the exhibition

4. The selection committee will judge the group artwork based on content, technique & presentation & their decision is final.

5. Members will be notified appropriately regarding selection or non-selection of their work & feedback will be available on request.

6. Previous submissions to the art gallery must not be re-entered, except on the occasion of a solo exhibition.

7. Members with work on display are expected to assist with the running of the gallery at least twice a year.

8. The chosen curator of the group exhibition will determine the number of works and layout.

9. The committee will review the commission percentage annually



1. Notification regarding application for a Solo Exhibition for the following year will be forwarded to all members, & previous members in a timely manner.

2. All applications must be submitted with a Curriculum Vitae, Artist’s Statement, printed imagery as specified and any other information requested by the committee.

3. The committee members will review all applications as a group, judge the applications for merit & standards and offer appropriate spacing & timing of exhibition in coordination with other calendar gallery events.

4. Successful applicants will be required to provide specific imagery and artist information when requested in a timely manner to facilitate effective PR. They will be expected to use all means at their disposal to promote their exhibition.

5. Members with solo work on display have a responsibility to assist with their exhibition opening in conjunction with the committee.

6. An experienced committee member will guide the artist with regard to the content and layout of their exhibition.

7. Refreshments for the opening must be provided by the artist & assistants to serve and clear up organised by the artist also.

8. Solo exhibitors will return space to white wall space, inclusive of wall repairs and cleaning up.

Where the artist fails to return the gallery space to exhibition standard, the cost of repairs, painting or cleaning will be passed on directly to the artist.

9. It is a strict condition that all artists offered a solo exhibition in any year should help with the running of the gallery when requested by the committee on at least two occasions (to be mutually agreed) during that year.



Upon dissolution, any assets held by the group will continue to be used for the benefit of the culture of the area in a manner to be agreed with LCC Arts Office.