On The Wall Press Release


One may well ask what is going to be on the wall at the Solas Gallery on Fri 5th Nov.  In order to stretch the imaginations of artist and public alike, the gallery asked artists to submit work that was not paintings or drawings but would still mainly hang on the wall, outside the range of their normal work. The response was good and varied and 16 artists will be showing over 40 pieces ranging from glass to ceramic, wood, wall hangings in various media, masks and a looped digital film.

Glass is always a magical thing, its forms and colours fascinating; and there is a varied selection being shown, Sharon Dollar`s” Linescapes”; engraving by Anne Gilpin; “Natural Casings”,2 exquisite hanging pieces by Andrea Draper and Jonathan Ball`s 2 heavily encrusted vases based on the work of artist Frank Auerbach.  “Exhibit A!” by Northern ceramicist Naomi McCullough-Alderdice gives one something nice to look at, and something to consider.

In the past, wallhangings told of the achievements of the owners, today they still tell stories, of the past or more often the future, of hopes and dreams, in different forms. Christine Raab-Heine knits her feelings about the present, about what is dear to us, with wool from her own flock; Nara Stepanyan`s intricate collages”Dream” and “Adam & Eve” will bring a smile to your face as will “Berlin Starch 1906”, which casts a wry eye over the symbols of the lives of women in times past,  by Siobhan Cox Carlos. Handpainted stylistic flowers on heavy silk by Iris Hippele and handpainted images by visually impaired artist Kimberly Cowley continue the dreams.

Perhaps coming more into the modern aspects, Helen Pinoff has created 2 mixed media hangings which express her joy in things she has seen, another her feelings for the urban landscape. On a more serious note, “Apocalypse Trilogy” looks at man`s precarious existence within the universe. As an architect, Tommy Flynn would be very aware of this.  For the first time, Solas has a short looped digital film on show. “Breathing Space” by Celia Richard, as well as her 2 collages are representative of the `whole and eternal`

On a lighter note–2 collages using found objects by Brendan Dean; A “Gilded Cage” and “Forlenza`s Lament” by Louis McLoughlin, 2 masks and “Vortex, a timepiece”  by Sandra Vernon round off a visually compelling exhibition. The participating artists will be available to explain and talk about their work on the night.

ON THE WALL” will be opened by Jane Gilheaney  on Fri 5th Nov at 7.30pm. Jane,who is well known for her longstanding and successful involvement with the dance group “Shaylyn” also has a keen interest in visual art forms, seeing them as very much part the fabric and future of Leitrim. The exhibition will be on until 27th Nov `10. You are welcome to come to the opening night or call in at any time during opening hours, the Solas Gallery is above the Four Seasons Garden Centre in Ballinamore. For any further information please contact Gail or Ben at 071 9644210; info@solasart.ie or visit our website www.solasart.ie.

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